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According to Abbotsford School District policy, the following priorities are used to determine the acceptance of students in a particular school:  

  1. Catchment area students who attended the school during the previous school year
  2. New catchment area students
  3. Non-catchment area students who attended the school during the previous school year
  4. New non-catchment area students (in-district)
  5. Non-school district students

Also note that the vast majority of Non-Catchment Requests have been deferred and we expect we will be unable to accommodate those requests. Final decisions will be made after September 7. (Margaret Stenersen, McMillian, Mountain, Sandy Hill, William A. Fraser, Clayburn, Abbotsford Middle, Chief Dan George, Yale, Abbotsford Senior, W. J. Mouat)

You can check if your home falls within our catchment by using the School Locator website

All registrations must include the following attachments:

  • Proof of address - one (1) of either mortgage document, rental or lease agreement, property sale agreement, property tax notice or city utility bill (If using a rental or lease agreement you will need to provide a government document with the same address on it as well.)
  • Secondary Proof of address - one (1) of either credit card statement, bank statement, or government document containing name and address of parent/guardian
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Care Card
  • Copy of latest report card

Below the file attachment "Student Registration Administrative Procedures Manual and Forms"  contains the forms:

  • AP 336-1 School Registration Form
  • AP 336-2 Request for Email Address Content
  • AP 336-3 In-District Non-Catchment Request
  • AP 336-4 Out-Of -District Request