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Welcome to William A Fraser Middle School

Registration Procedures

Please fill out the "AP 336 - STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM'  (see bottom of this page) and email to frasermiddle [at] (subject: Registration%20Application) .

Registration Process

Use our School Locator to determine where your neighbourhood school is located.
Download and complete AP 336 + forms - Student Registration (see below).
Contact us to complete the registration process.

Documents for Registering

Proof of age of the child by birth certificate is required for all new student registrations (schools will make a photocopy).  To ensure the child being registered qualifies for Ministry of Education funding, the biological parents/legal guardians’ status and the biological parents/legal guardians’ residency need to be established.  Schools may register the child providing the following are established:

Students Proof of Age:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Paper

The biological parent/legal guardian must provide proof of residency, and provide ONE of the following:

  • City of Abbotsford utility bill (Ex: Monthly Water & Sewer Bill)
  • Mortgage document
  • Property Sale Agreement
  • Property Tax Notice/Assessment
  • Rental or Lease Agreement (Please note: A Government document is required to accompany a rental agreement in addition to the rental or lease agreement)

In addition ONE of the following three documents containing the current name and address of the parent/guardian is required:

  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Government document (Please note: Canada Child Benefit or Income Tax Assessment, Print out from Service Canada or CRA Account, showing an address.)

A copy of your childs latest report card.


IMPORTANT: Registration process will not be considered complete until all supporting documents have been received in full. At which time they will be stamped with the date and time.

Notification if the child has attended school in the Abbotsford School District in the past OR is coming from another school district OR if there is a sibling who has already been attending school in the school district.
You will also need to provide your child's CareCard, and your doctor's name and phone number, and other required documents as determined by the school.

Not a Canadian Citizen?

If you are the biological parent /legal guardian of the child but are not a Canadian Citizen by birth or by naturalization (obtained citizenship), you are required to report to the School District Office prior to registering your child at the schools. Please call (604) 851-4585 (International Student office) to make an appointment. They will confirm which documents you must provide.

Registration Dates

There are no set deadlines for enrolling your child in any one of the District's schools, although please note the following:     

New to the district?   Registration for grades 1-12 commences February 1st (or, if Feb. 1 falls on a weekend, the first business day following). 
New to the district during the school year?  Please stop by the school in your catchment area at any time during the school day to register.

Grade 6 Feeder School Student Registration

If your child currently attends grade 5 in McMillan, Mountain, Margaret Stenerson or Prince Charles and you live in our catchment area, then your child is automatically registered at our school for September.  No registration is required to be completed.

Registration Priority Order

According to Abbotsford School District policy, the following priorities are used to determine the acceptance of students in a particular school:  

  1. Catchment area students who attended the school during the previous school year
  2. New catchment area students
  3. Non-catchment area students who attended the school during the previous school year
  4. New non-catchment area students (in-district)
  5. Non-school district students

Please note that the vast majority of Non-Catchment Requests are deferred and there is a possibility we will be unable to accommodate those requests. Final decisions will be made after September 7. 

School Bus Information

Every year, all school bus riders must register with the Transportation Department.            


In Catchment Registration Package:

Please complete & print off AP 336-1 & 336-2, plus the following attachment (Registration Package Cover) below. 

  1. AP 336-1 Student Registration Form-fillable version_8.pdf
  2. AP 336-2 Request for Email Address Consent.pdf

Non-Catchment Registration Package:

Please complete & print off AP 336-1, 336-2, & 336-3 plus the below attachment (Registration Package Cover). 

  1. AP 336-1 Student Registration Form-fillable version_8.pdf
  2. AP 336-2 Request for Email Address Consent.pdf
  3. AP 336-3 In-District Non-Catchment Request.pdf