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Blog: Friday, September 29th, 2017

"Are you learning too?"

One of the privileges of being the vice principal is being able to visit every classroom and observe all of the various learning opportunities that students are actively engaged in every day. This is something that Mr. Johnston and I each strive to do daily.

Recently, while sitting among students in the back of a Math class, a boy realized I was in the room, turned around and asked, “Mr. Haire, are you learning too?” It was a simple question, but one I have been reflecting on frequently.

We are all on our own individual learning journeys, and as a school leader, I learn a lot in our school every day. I’m learning about collaboration as I watch our dedicated teachers work together to implement the revised, competency-based curriculum. I’m learning about design thinking as teachers engage students’ creativity through hands-on projects that are both high and low-tech. I am also currently pursuing formal learning with a group of five staff members in an online course about maker-centered learning from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  

From our marvelous middle-schoolers, I’m learning what’s cool (flossing) and what’s not (the whip & nae nae). I’m learning how students harness their natural curiosity through inquiry-based problems in the classroom. I am also learning how strong our young students can be as I watch them spike a volleyball or bravely walk through the school doors each day despite struggling with severe anxiety.

At Fraser Middle, I am also learning a lot about community. I’m learning how 685 students and 58 staff members can work together in a productive learning environment, supported by countless families. I’m learning how to live our shared values of respect, compassion, integrity and perseverance.

I am learning alongside all of you, and I look forward to the many lessons we will learn together this year.

Mr. Mike Haire, Vice Principal

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