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Blog: Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Celebrating the Middle School Years

As our academic year draws to a close we have much to celebrate and many happy memories to cherish. Most importantly, our students have excelled in so many fields it is impossible to list them all. These achievements have been in their academic studies, sport, music, and the arts to name just a few - and we are justly proud of them! What happens in the middle school years is filled with transitions as our students become more and more independent. At 6th grade, it’s the transition between elementary and middle school. Students start with a healthy sense of unease as they enter the social world of middle school. By the end of 6th grade, they have a better understanding of what it means to be a middle school student. During their evolution of becoming a middle school student their social world bursts open with many new opportunities and changes. For the next two years, they think they are standing at the mountain top and they know it all.

During May and June, our middle school team is working hard to prepare for the next group of students to walk through our doors in September. Lots of care and consideration is being taking by our student services teachers to gather information to support students for the coming year. We are working hard for all our students to help them have a smooth opening to the new academic year. We set our priorities to build upon the successes of the school so that we can improve still further. We continually seek to do better; to challenge ourselves and our students to set the highest standards and achieve our ambitious goals.

Principal, W.A. Fraser Middle School