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Blog: Monday, June 8th, 2020

Principal's Update

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Second week of June already! The first week of June saw approximately 1/3 of our students voluntarily attend school Tuesday through Thursday morning. Students attending successfully learned the protocols of hand washing, maintaining physical distancing, and other safety practices put in place to keep everyone safe.  Our teachers were happy to have the students back, supporting student learning.

Health Screening

In order to ensure that both staff and students continue to stay healthy, each morning, parents/caregivers MUST assess their child for symptoms of common cold, influenza, Covid-19 or other infectious respiratory disease BEFORE sending them to school. Completion of a health screening form is required each day for children attending on-site learning.  This is a simple procedure that only takes a minute. Thank you to parents who have exercised patience at drop off time to allow for form completion. Online Daily Health Assessment can be accessed by parents using their electronic devices which will prompt the health check form.  We are hopeful that this will expedite the process and eliminate any morning wait time.   

If your child is ill or showing any symptoms of illness as listed on the form, do not send them to school.  They will NOT be able to attend school or ESW day camps. 

If your child is going to be absent, please make sure you go to the Fraser Middle website and go on the tab "Report and Absence" and you can enter your child's absence there or call the school (604-859-6794).

Children & staff with common cold, influenza or Covid-19 like symptoms must stay home, be assessed by their health care provider & tested for Covid-19. When student is symptomatic, they should self-isolate for minimum of 10 days and follow directions provided by their health care provider. 

If a student becomes sick while at school, the student will be separated in a supervised area. Parents/caregivers will be contacted to pick up their child immediately. The child cannot return to school until cleared from their health care provider.

Student locker Items Pick up - For families who are not returning to school in June, there will be an opportunity to collect your child(ren)’s items and look through Lost & Found clothing. Parents will be asked to complete our online system to set up a time to pick up belongings, return school textbooks, library books, and other school property. Please book a time on the following dates June 12, June 15-19, and June 22, to pick up your belongings outside the MPR doors near the front entrance.

Click here to schedule your locker content pick up date and time.

Returning Technology - We have been happy to support learning by loaning our Chromebooks to students who may not have access at home.  It is now time to prepare for its return.  We ask that you please return it June 19th, if not sooner (if no longer required).  Please ensure proper power cords are attached and bring the technology to the office to sign off on the loaner agreement contract.  In the case of loss or damage, parents/guardians may be responsible for the cost to repair or replace the device.

Report Card Distribution – This year final report cards will be sent home electronically. Teachers will be emailing report cards home to Parents/ Guardians email on Thursday, June 25. If you have changed email address recently, please let your child’s teachers know and the office, so that we can update our records.

Yearbook Distribution - For the yearbook company to create a safe work environment, reduction in staff of 100 employees occurred during COVID-19. As a result, the schedule shipment date has been delayed 1.5 weeks.  We are currently looking at handing out yearbooks June 29 – July 3. We will be posting a sign-up schedule online to pick up your yearbook. Providing all fees and library books have been returned, students can schedule a time to pick up their yearbook. We so appreciate your patience and understand during these unprecedented times.

Yearbook signing IS NOT cancelled!  We are pleased to announce Yearbook Signing: SOCIALLY DISTANCED EDITION.  The Fraser Middle yearbook signing tradition digital to suit our socially distanced students. Jostens has just launched a new platform, Yearbook Digital Signing Pages, that gives every student in our school the chance to create virtual signing pages, invite their friends to leave messages, and print out the final pages to keep with the yearbook as a permanent keepsake. This is free for every student whether you purchased a yearbook or not. You didn't have to have bought a yearbook to sign up!  To sign up, please:
* Choose your colour
* Sign up using your personal email or your parent’s personal email. 
* Use "Other" for the state.
* They will send you a code to verify your account and then provide you with a link. Put your link in the comments below so you can have others sign your yearbook too
*Be respectful. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. All inappropriate comments will be deleted.

Please sign my yearbook and sign up for yours! Links below.

PAC Meeting - Attention all parents/guardians of Fraser Middle students! The PAC will be having their annual AGM on June 10th at 7:00pm. The meeting will be a Zoom Meeting. (Topic: Fraser June PAC meeting)

Join Zoom Meeting

(Meeting ID: 884 4451 0951)

This meeting will include elections for PAC positions. They will be accepting nominations for the executive positions at the meeting. Being a part of the PAC is a great way to be involved with your child's education. The time commitment is very minimal compared to Elementary School and the Executive positions hold a one-year term. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

If you would like to nominate yourself for an executive position for September 2020 please email the PAC at


Mr. Dean Johnston,


Reporting (Report Card)

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