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WA Fraser Middle Mountain Bike Club

Please stay tuned for updated information for our Mountain Biking Club

Previous years details are listed below to get an idea on how this club has been run in the past.

Hello and welcome to the 7th season of the Fraser Middle Mountain Bike Club. For the 2021 Fall season, we will ride every Thursday from 3pm to 4:30pm from September 23 to November 4. The Mountain Bike Club is a mountain bike club, and we will be riding down steep, bumpy, off-road trails. The climb trail is steep. It takes about 45min to get to the top. Many beginner mountain bikers struggle and are caught off guard by the strength and perseverance needed to climb this trail. Please attempt this climb with your bike before deciding to join Fraser Mountain Bike Club.

WARNING: BMX bikes, tandem bikes, unicycles, and beach cruisers are not safe or appropriate for the conditions we will be riding. Your bike must have reliable hand brakes (no coaster brakes allowed), and proper tires that hold air pressure for the duration of the ride.

WHEN AND WHERE: Drop off your child at 3pm on the corner of Westview Blvd and Applewood Drive. Pick up is at 4:30pm from the parking area across from Ledgeview Golf Course.

All riders will need their own transportation to Ledgeview for each group ride. Transportation to or from Ledgeview will not be provided.

We ask that the permission forms and payment of $20 be completed by Wednesday, September 22. All forms will be available through and must be submitted online. Do not print any forms please.


Helmets, water bottle, closed footwear are essential safety items. Knee pads, elbow pads and gloves are strongly encouraged. An appropriate trail rated bike is also required for rider safety.

For more information, please contact:


Mr. Hiebert

Kelly.Hiebert [at] (subject: The%20Mountain%20Bike%20Club)

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