Skateboarding Picture Skateboarding Picture

Skateboarding at Fraser Middle

June 1, 2024

A big thank you to our Fraser PAC who agreed to help support our student initiated project to bring in Replay Board Shop to provide every student in the school with skateboarding lessons this past week. It started Friday with a kick off assembly with Dave Jonsson, professional skateboarder with an incredible story of surviving a plane crash in the mountains of Squamish, BC and his positive message of resilience (one of our school values is perseverance) . 

The assembly began with Dave ollying over 5 students (our student organizer and 4 brave friends) and ended with Mr. Kemp showing off his skateboarding "skill" and Dave ollying over Mr. Kemp and Mr. Alstad. 

From start to finish, students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and everyone had a great time learning this week!