William A. Fraser Middle School takes pride in its athletic programs. Students learn the foundations of a wide variety of sports skills through active instruction and frequent games in PE class. Students are further encouraged to improve upon their skills through lunch-time intramural programs where the school's three houses (Blue, Green, and Red) compete. Intramural points are combined with spirit days, library points, and other activities around the school to determine who wins the term prize. The PE year is concluded with a school wide sports day that combines many traditional sports with new creative activities to encourage active living and school-wide physical activity.

Fraser Middle also has excellent extra-curricular athletic programs and promotes a strong athletic tradition. Fraser's coaches strive to promote programs that encourage hard work, sportsmanship, and excellence in athletics. This year, Fraser hopes to run multiple extra-curricular athletic activities, including volleyball, cross-country, swimming, wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, rugby, track & field, and golf. As a school, Fraser has traditionally competed well in all of these activities, winning various competitions and producing numerous athletes who have gone on to represent their region or province in their respective sport. If you would like to volunteer to coach, please contact the school.