Weather & Closures


At the middle school level, we believe it is vitally important for students to go outside during break times. Therefore, we do not often have "inside days" for rainy weather outside. Given our climate, it is important for students to dress for the weather each day. We strongly urge parents to ensure that students wear appropriate clothing, footwear and jackets as necessary, and to bring umbrellas on days where the forecast calls for rain. 


For updates on the latest school closure procedures please see Abbotsford School Districts website. 

Please do not call the school to ask if schools are open.

Should a decision to close schools be made during the school day, the school district will utilize phone calls to contact parents/guardians, and the district will post notices on its website and use social media outlets.

If parents/guardians believe their local conditions are unsafe, they may keep their child at home or arrange for their early dismissal.